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Sanbros Spares Private Limited (SSPL), a government authorized contractor firm, deals in electrical and civil works along with trading related products from Indian MNCs as well as foreign MNCs for successful execution of works in Railways, Metro-rail projects, Irrigation, NHAI, Ports, Coal fields, Refineries etc. Depending on the need of any organization, SSPL offers product and services to meet its requirements and also provides the consultancy services of innovative products of companies for different government organisations.

Sanbros Spares Private Limited (SSPL), geared-up its business operations as a company in January 2006 catering mainly to government contractor-ship and providing varied solutions, with our class of registration as ‘Sales & Services’ for Indian companies, MNCs’ products and work contracts

SSPL always aims to provide high quality and cost-effective solutions for development of products and implementation of services. We are advancing at a tremendous pace with one of the core strengths as self-motivated involvement of skilled and experienced team working in our organization.

Our MD & CEO is highly passionate in gaining knowledge about the latest management principles to club with his years of practical experience to provide the best suited channelization for a composed growth environment in the company, whereas our MD & CEO Mr. Prashant Kabra, having an engineering background with a management degree has been acting on the beliefs of continuous growth by building relationships with people and companies which are supported by world-class products and services.

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  • Details of Experience and the area of working

    Since last 16 years, SSPL has been in Sales /Services of Electrical Instrument /Electronic Instruments/Gadgets/Mechanical parts etc., apart from specialized Civil work/ engineering solutions/water treatment and purification to name a few. Our inclination towards environment friendly products which help further the cause of the ‘zero conventional energy’ goal, reducing global warming and earn carbon credits as well as providing these to wider markets have been a major thrust for our company. All these methodologies are unique and are meant for providing specialized pin-point solutions which are fundamentally different from the common ‘trial and error’ methodologies and best suited to the target organization in terms of price, quality and post service maintenance.

    The resource personnel working in our company are consistently providing reliable support services and consultancy to a wide variety of corporate houses either in the capacity of an executive or as business partners or consultants. The bottom line of our philosophy is building a long-term business partnership with its clients where interpersonal relationships, reliability, assured quality of service and target oriented modern technologies are the major building blocks.

  • Plant And Machineries / Equipment

    The Company has Sufficient No. of Plant and Machinery / Equipment (like sophisticated vibration less drillers, cutters, thermal welding machine and equipment, boring, heating etc.) needed for its services of sold products and contracts undertaken. In emergent times, the company has been known for workmanship sincerity and co-operation at all levels in India.

  • Future Potential

    Looking towards an aggressive Government at central for mainly infrastructural and railway developments apart from concentration on better education / health facility vision, we are perfect match for this system as our lines of work coincide with it and hence growth is like “sky can be the limit” but systemizing and limiting growth for healthy accompaniment of funds, man power etc. is always our core rule.

    Hence, we are always planning to exceed our past growth and also expect to reach our new Goals.


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